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Welcome to Immunotech Laboratories BG,
We are a corporation which is dedicated in creating of medicine for HIV-1 Infection, Chronic Infection, Hepatitis(A,B,C ) Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cancer and every other viruses connected with the immune system of the human being.

We have tested the "ImmunH" medicine on volunteers and has shown that is very effective(for full destruction of the viruses) and is absolutely harmless. It can also be used to strengthen the immune system with people that are not infected with a virus, because it is a natural product. 

We have tested the "ImmunH" medicine on patients in a clinical trial, who suffered  from HIV/AIDS. The results of the clinical trial have shown: improvement in the immune indices in the absolute number of Ly, CD3 T, CD4 T, CD8 T, B Ly, NK and in the percentage of CD3 T, CD4 T, CD8 T, B Ly, NK and of the index CD4/CD8, decrease in the viral load, a good treatment effect on opportunistic infections, very good compatibility with all of the other modern antiretroviral drugs, very good tolerance in all patients, complete lack of side effects.

The "ImmunH" is 16 injection administrated biweekly on consecutive days for eight weeks, one vial of 3 ml per injection, deep muscular. Before injection the vial must be shaken and temperate to ambient temperature. It must be contained in a surrounding with temperature between +2°C to +8°C.

The medicine has a positive effect with the treatment of different kind of cancer, as it stimulates the immune answer and strengthens the immune system of the human being.
"ImmunH" is the trade name of the medicine "ITV-1 " .